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Monday, 13 May 2013

OUTSIDE/INSIDE by Tessa Dorman


by Tessa Dorman

Exhibition opening in Canberra

Canberra expat Tessa Dorman is excited to be bringing her new exhibition ‘Outside/Inside’ to Canberra for its official opening in June.

Artist Tessa employs elements borrowed from nature as a metaphor for exploring the sensitive nature of human connection.

The exhibition’s opening night will be held on Wednesday 5 June at 6.00pm at The Front Gallery, Lyneham.

Following on from her successful show ‘Whispers Between People’ held in Paddington last year, Tessa documents the experience of human connection to self, others and community using unique printmaking techniques, painting and paper cutting.

“This body of work employs various elements from nature to illustrate states of internal feelings of connection to other things,” Ms Dorman said.

“The creation of this work took place in Brisbane, Singapore, Indonesia and Bundaberg, when the city was experiencing its most recent floods. The beauty of the process that led me up to this body of work was that I was able to gain some control over my environment, however minimal, and create something constant whilst travelling.  

“Within the chaos of my surroundings I took comfort exploring the nature of human connection, to place, self and others,” Ms Dorman said.

Tessa Dorman grew up in Canberra before moving to Sydney to train as a fine artist at the National Art School.  She completed a Masters at the University of Sydney.  Ms Dorman currently works as a full-time designer and artist out of Bundaberg, Queensland.

What: ‘Outside/Inside‘ by Tessa Dorman
Where: The Front, Shop 3, 1 Wattle Place, Lyneham, ACT
When: 4 June – 17 June 2013

Opening night: Wednesday 5th June at 6:00pm


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

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Heres the official and finial Clank and Churn clip, albeit a little late.

Clank and Churn by Tessa Dorman
Music by Moriarty.

The show has now finished but please enjoy this remnant from the show.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Clank and Churn

by Tessa Dorman 

Up-coming show at Brew

 What: Clank and Churn by Tessa Dorman

When: 7th August - 8th September

Where: Lower Burnett Lane Brisbane

Opening Night: 7th August at 6:30pm